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Disney is every companies competitor


I was listening to a great webinar today and one of the key points that hit home to me was that Disney is every companies competitor!

Why? Well Disney delivers exceptional customer service. They don’t just perform above what you expect they go above and beyond that. They create an experience that lasts for years, they create memories that you look back on.

If you or your company could just harness some of that remarkable customer service and your clients/customers talk about you, enthuse about you. They start to create power in that people want to work with you, you are not constantly searching for new clients they are searching for you.

So how do you start to make this happen? Well the first step is to engage your team. If your team are engaged and understand why you are going above and beyond they will know within which boundaries they can work to make a great experience for your clients.

Once you have a way in which to deliver great service you want to ensure that time after time it happens, it happens without having to think about it. Whilst some people can pull this off the better way is to systemise your approach and allow your team to understand it in detail.

How to WOW your customers? This is something that creates an experience for them, something that sticks in their memory. This could be sending them a bar of chocolate as a gift or something bigger for passing you work or for no reason at all.

So turn your interactions with clients into a remarkable experience that compels them to talk about you in a positive way that drives people to want to work with you.

Hope this inspires you to think about your customer service.




Article Source: James Miller

Time for an out of body experience


Shane Lukas, AVN

Shane Lukas's article: Time for an out of body experience. shane lukas lucasWhen was the last time you walked in to your office and assessed it as a potential customer?

What do your prospects see and think when they walk in to your office?

You walk in there every single day; you may have become blind to the things that a fresh pair of eyes might see.

  • Does it look old or modern?
  • Is it colourful or bland?
  • What personality does it reflect?
  • How does it make you feel?
  • Do the walls need a fresh coat of paint?
  • What does it smell like?
  • How well are prospects and customers greeted?
  • What’s the overall impression they get when they walk in.

What about before they enter the office,  was parking easy and obvious?  Is customer parking reserved nearest to the door or is that reserved for the directors.  If I were a prospect or customer and it was raining I’d draw a pretty…

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Article Source: James Miller

How to win business without losing it in life


Recently I have been considering what is it that drives me. What equates to success and what drives me.

When you ask what is success, you often think of earning money, profit or some other monetary gain. But when you actually really think, this is all irrelevant what really matters is family, health, love, understanding and recognition.

Money is just a mechanism to allow you to do some of these things.

So some golden rules to live by:

  • Live for today
  • Live by your values,what are the values your want to live by? Do you know?
  • Treat the most important thing as the most important
  • Buy yourself some time
  • See the future and create it
  • Dare to dream

When you start to think you really start to question your true drivers in life and what you need to focus on.

Good luck in getting some focus and start enjoying life.







Article Source: James Miller

It takes time to catch the correct “fish”


Many businesses tell me that they want more customers. They throw lots of money at marketing campaigns with few successful ideal leads.

So who are your ideal clients and what’s the best way to catch them?

It may be an odd link but perhaps you should think of yourself as fishermen/women.

Getting more customers is about:-

  • Preparation.  You need to understand what “fish” you want to catch.  Only by understanding their wants and needs can you ensure that your marketing message has the “right bait” in order to get their attention.
  • Local knowledge.  Where are the best spots “to fish”? Understanding your market place means that you can focus your marketing in the areas where you have the best chance of “making a catch”
  • Being Prepared. Ensure you have all the tools you need and show them as much as possible to your prospects so that they are clear what your offer is.
  • Patience.  It takes time to “catch a fish”.  A fisherman stays quiet so as not to scare the fish away, but they also know not to rush a “nibble’.
  • Perseverance.  Remember that prospects need to take their time.  They need information, information, information to understand the value of your offer.  Remember “No” often means ” I need more information”.  “Not now” gives you permission to contact them again at a later date.
  • Not being afraid to try something different. A fisherman will try different baits, different lines.  How many different ways can you show your prospects your services?  What different challenges can you help them solve?  What can you do that is different from the norm?

Worth thinking about?

Article Source: Emma Slack

A Magical Guide To Selling through Presentations and Webinars


Following on from a great webinar I watched last week, the presenter Shane Lukas shared with me his magical guide to a successful presentation or webinar:-

  • Pre Party – get rapport going with audience. Say hello and talk to people, this shows it is live and allows the audience to connect with you.
  • At the start set out the BIG THING that they are going to be able to take away, the value for them.
  • Tell a personal story about yourself, the challenges you have faced and overcome and how this relates to their situation.
  • Have an agenda of what is going to be covered, and tell them so they can see what is coming and going to be covered.
  • Get permission to do a sales pitch – how you can work together.
  • Bonuses – if you are giving away a gift then let them know about it early and that you’ll come back to it later.
  • Stop reading ahead  – don’t reveal all your slides in one go otherwise you will lose people as they read ahead.
  • The proposition – only have one option – choices lead to inaction.
  • Get some feedback – ask a question to get feedback from your audience, and their participation.
  • Once you reveal the price, let them know what guarantees they’ll be getting.
  • Scarcity – introduce this, it’s a powerful concept to get your audience to take action.
  • Contrast – before you reveal the price create some contrast. How much could they earn or save…the price is less that the benefit.
  • Create a sense of urgency – Include bonuses for attending that are time dependent.
  • Bonuses should be worth more than the price.
  • Q & A – engage with the audience and answer any questions.
  • Always end on value and not on the sales pitch. Leave with a lasting memory of value.

Getting a presentation right it all about practice, you will be able to refine the process with your own style.

Hope you can get some value from this and create some exceptional presentations and webinars.





Article Source: James Miller



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