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When it comes to customer service only remarkable service will do…


Why you need to deliver ‘Remarkable’ customer service and why does it matter? It will help you in an ever increasingly competitive market, if you aren’t delivering a ‘Remarkable’ service then somebody else will Give people something to talk about…Spread the word…’YOU ARE REMARKABLE’ Help you stand out among competitors and get it right, every time, with every customer Likeminded customers will be drawn towards you and get people talking about the great things you do Builds strong customer and team loyalty; a great place to work and great people to work alongside You need to start going the extraRead More

Fantastic Teams #5 – Passion needs patient zero


Everybody wants their teams to be more engaged and passionate about what they do but passion is contagious, it’s infectious. In order for it to spread, it has to be present in the first place.  It has to be present in you. Are you, the leader/business owners truly engaged and passionate about what you do and what the business is striving to achieve. It really doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do, if you don’t have the passion you have a job.  This is unfulfilling, even if it pays well.  How can you expect to exude energyRead More

Fantastic Team #4 – Whose fault is it anyway?


When things go wrong in your business are you quick to blame others?  Or do you take responsibility yourself? In my blog about the Initiative Ladder (Fantastic Teams #1) I explained that mistakes must be allowed to happen – on the understanding that the team member who made the mistake is ready to take the responsibility to rectify any mistakes they make; with your support. That’s relating to using initiative, to deal with the exceptions that typically send your team members in to you, telling you about a problem that you are expected to deal with. Sometimes however things canRead More


The 7 mistakes stopping you earning £200,000 annual profit


At AVN we regularly carry out benchmarking studies of the UK accounting profession. And since 1998 we’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of accountants in the UK and seen what works – and what doesn’t. One of the things that’s really interesting about our profession is that accountants are not performing very well. The average profit per partner in the UK is about £68,706. And this is about £10,000 less than our comparative study in 2007. So life’s getting harder and harder for many UK accountants. And bearing in mind of course that this is £68,706 is not a trueRead More

Fantastic Teams #3 – Defining Leadership


When I made the decision to write this blog about the definition of leadership I had a flashback to my youth.  I was a Star Trek fan (well, I still am!) and I remembered an episode where Spock reminded Captain Kirk that he would lose faith and command of the crew if he were seen as vulnerable in any way and perceived as less than perfect. Since all of these series are now available on Netflix I decided it was pertinent research to look up and watch the episode again. Throughout the episode, all of the crew were looking toRead More

How to make money while you’re on the beach


Imagine this…a two week Caribbean cruise with your family. No internet access. No telephones. No access to your business. But you are completely relaxed, just enjoying the sights and sounds around you, and making memories with those people that you love the most. Back home you know that your business is thriving – you have an amazing team of people that will ensure that the work is done and that the business is continuing to make money, and that all of the customers are truly delighted. How fantastic would this be? I’d never really thought about the power of systemsRead More

Fantastic Teams #2 Kill the staff…


…culture! I’ve always hated the word ‘staff’. It immediately infers an ‘us’ the employer/manager and ‘them’ the employed.  It puts people in their place. it’s derogatory, it dates back to a time of command and control and it’s not conducive to developing a team of people who all feel a sense of ownership to the purpose of the business. Let me share a couple of very recent examples of the difference between staff and team. An example of staff: Last night I joined some of my friends at the local 10 pin bowling centre, as a friend was getting aRead More

Fantastic Teams #1 – Get your team to step up


AVN Practice Growth Experts What do I mean by stepping up? Let’s look at a scenario and forgive me, it’s a negative scenario but it’s a common one… A scenario Lets say a customer has reported a problem; they have a complaint. An employee of yours takes the call, makes a note of the problem and tells the customer they’ll get you to call them back to deal with it.  Sound familiar? That employee then comes to see you and explains the problem, you might well have been deep in concentration working on something really important, but this customer complaintRead More

Why blowing your Trumpet is a must…


Many people do not take the credit or shout about what a great service, experience or what difference they may have made to a person’s life. We are all guilty of this and we really need to accept the recognition of this and ‘Blow our own trumpet’ and be proud of our many achievements; this can be metaphorically speaking, or in the case of one of my clients who has a visual, literal anchor from which he can now blow his own trumpet! My client wrote, ‘Tracy went one step beyond just encouraging and believing in me: she sent me anRead More

When is the best time to plant a tree?


What to consider when taking the plunge to grow an online presence… It is often very scary when you are faced with a blank page and you have to fill it. It can be terrifying to try to find the right words to express your thoughts and experiences to fill up that white space. As a new blogger, I am feeling the very same panic right now. What do I say? What if nobody is interested? Do I have anything of value to offer the world?  It is enough to make you want to switch off your devices and head for the hills! AnyoneRead More



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