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September 2017:

Online Training


August 2017:

Online Training


 July 2017:

Updated System Builder resources


June 2017:

Online Training

  • Connect, Engage, Earn!  Join Emma Slack of AVN as she explores how to connect and engage with prospects and clients in order to show them the value of the services you can offer them to help them get from where they are now to where they want to be. And how connect that value to their investment in your services.


May 2017:

Online Training

AVN Facebook Member Community Group:

We set up the AVN Member Community Group as a forum to help you progress on your AVN journey and create connections with other AVN members helping you to set and reach your goals. It has been incredibly popular and allows AVN members to post questions to the AVN team but most importantly to their peers. There is always a steady stream of new conversations and people have found it valuable to have direct access to other AVN members to air their views, ask questions, share their advice, successes and experiences. There are currently 122 members of the group and that number is steadily increasing. It is a closed, secret group for AVN member firms and their teams only so if you would like to be given access, simply email members@avn.co.uk.

New Action Resource in System Builder:

In a recent query in the AVN Members Facebook community about purchasing another practice, the member who asked received some amazing advice which we wanted to bring to the rest of the membership…so we have!

We have created a new Action Resource - Key things to consider when buying a practice/fees. This is a combination of ideas from AVN members and AVN team.

It includes –

Questions to consider / ask when buying a practice or block of fees

You can use to prepare your self before any meeting with potential sellers

You could also ask yourself these questions before you enquire about any sales

If you are planning to sell any fees or your own practice you may want to prepare for such questions.

We hope you find it of value as you grow your business. We would like to thank all our active members on the AVN Facebook Community as your contributions helped us create this resource.


April 2017:

Software in the cloud:

As you know, the AVN App suite is designed to be the first port of call for the main software resources and updates from AVN.

The AVN App Suite Dashboard currently looks like the screenshot below.

AVN App Suite Dashboard

AVN App Suite Dashboard

The five cloud-based pieces of software (Time’s Up!, System Builder, BenchMark, Remuneration Planner and Incorporation Tax Planner) can be accessed from their respective icons.

There is also an icon to access upcoming live and online training sessions from AVN for you and your team.

The software downloads icon allows you to download the latest version of the AVN software (including Mac, Hosted Desktop and iPad versions of the App Suite).

The UK’s Best Acc entry form’ icon allows you to complete an entry to feature your practice in ‘The Business Owner’s Guide to the UK’s Best Accountancy Practices’

There is also a ‘New Feed’ within the dashboard to give an overview of the latest updates and developments from AVN and the wider community.

New AVN Toolkits:

  • Building a Team That Works Toolkit - This toolkit is designed to guide you through using the TeamMatters software, building a team culture, recruitment of new team members and engaging your team.
  • AVN Roadmap Toolkit - This Toolkit will guide you to the supporting documents to help you achieve your actions and progress through all the AVN Roadmaps. It is designed to help you navigate the tools and resources to embed within your practice and work towards AVNExcellence

Online Training:


March 2017:

BenchMark in the Cloud:

The new AVNBenchmark software is now in the Cloud and on your AVN App suite (the AVN Dashboard).

The software works in a very similar way to the old version but you should find the screens cleaner and easier to use.

The software shares client details with any other AVN product on the App Suite/Dashboard so if you are already using Time’s Up! your clients will already be there for you to BenchMark.

As you requested, the reporting function now allows you to select data by SIC code, Activity code, Geographical Area, and selected date ranges.

We have also made it simple for you to add your own logo and create your own templates (with a simple drag and drop function).

You can also use AVNBenchmark anywhere and on any device that has an internet browser and internet access by just going to benchmark.avn.co.uk and log in using your System Builder password.

And to support you using this tool we have updated the BenchMark Toolkit in System Builder to show you clearly how to use the software and the reports it produces. Click here to take a look.

AVN Toolkits updated:

  • Benchmark Toolkit - to give you everything you need to systematically roll out BenchMark throughout your practice with Clients and Prospects.
  • Time’s Up! Toolkit – to help you to get started with using and customising Time’s Up and implementing the pricing theories and policies it advocates.
  • System Builder Toolkit - to give you everything you need to systematically roll out System Builder throughout your practice with Clients and Prospects.

Online Training:


February 2017:

Online Training:


December 2016:

Online Training:

November 2016:

Updated AVN Toolkit:

  • BBF Toolkit - This toolkit is an overview of what BBFs are, objectives of BBFs, a list of the resources included and the timings for BBFs. There is a library detailing every title, what type of subject is covered, if it is a top 10 BBF and a link straight to the BBFs individual checklist of resources in Systembuilder.net. There is a resources page that has links to the supporting resources in Systembuilder.net

October 2016:

The New AVN Roadmap Journey Launched at AVN Conference!

We have designed 7 Roadmaps to help guide you and your team to take action to create the practice you desire. Each Roadmap is a printed workbook to track your progress, write your ideas, and point you to the AVN resources that will best help you to complete your actions.

The 7 Roadmaps are designed to guide you through the process of achieving 4,5, and 6 Star AVNExcellence Accreditation.

The Clarity Roadmap is designed to start you on your AVN Roadmaps journey. Based on your firm’s specific circumstances, the Clarity Roadmap workbook is tailored to help guide you to take action to create the practice you desire. Along the way there will be actions which you can involve your team members with which will develop their skills and promote a strong team culture within your firm – not to mention free up your time to work on the more important things.

If you haven’t yet started on your Clarity Roadmap journey Click Here to book an initial 30 minute call with one of the PGE Team.

Once you have completed the Clarity Roadmap workbook, for each of the subsequent Roadmap stages, (beginning with the second Roadmap ‘ Positioning’) there is an accompanying Implementation Workshop to kickstart each new step of your journey. You will spend the day at the AVN Head office with like-minded peers - it will be interactive, hands on, in-depth training designed to allow you to hit the ground running and give you the momentum to continue when you go back to your practice.

Roadmap online support sessions. These start after your attendance at the Positioning Roadmap Implementation Workshop. Facilitated by one of the PGE Team, these are 3-weekly online group sessions and are designed to support you as you work through your current Roadmap with focus on the AVN tools and resources that can help you along the way.

Online training:

Updated Toolkit:

  • Marketing Toolkit - The objective of this toolkit is to give you everything you need to systematically roll out the marketing systems throughout your practice with Clients and Prospects.

September 2016:

Time’s Up!:

A new version of Time’s Up! will be released on Monday 14 September. Time’s Up! 1.3 is packed full of new features and benefits for you:

  1. Speed - We’ve dramatically increased the sync speed.
  2. Cross group items - You can now see items that appear in multiple categories and amend the order in which they display.
  3. Default optional extras - You can now choose what appears first in your quotes – for example, PMI, TAS or Optional Extras.
  4. Locking down a quote - You can now lock down a quote so it can’t be changed accidentally once it’s been signed off by a client.
  5. Navigation - It’s now much easier to navigate to other pages within a quote.
  6. Printing - New Print Proposal facility on the Quote Settings screen.
  7. Syncing for Terminal Services users - Improved compatibility for Terminal Services users.

New AVN Toolkit:

  • Time’s Up! Toolkit – to help you to get started with using and customising Time’s Up and implementing the pricing theories and policies it advocates.

Online training:

Your On Demand 24/7 online training:

To support you and your team's learning we have improved the On Demand training platform within System Builder. We have redesigned this platform to better help your team to understand how AVN can be of use to them. (It would be a great step in your induction programme / training programme). Our newest AVN members can also gain an understanding how the AVN tools and resources can help in the many areas that can help to transform your practice.

The four sections within the training platform are – Introduction to AVN, Quick Wins, Cultivate and Grow and Making it stick. They all have supporting resources, user guides and pre-recorded training videos to help engage, enthuse and get your team on board to achieve your business goals.

All the training platforms can be accessed within System Builder. Click here to find simple instructions to add your team members to System Builder.



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